I'm really good at teaching algorithms. I co-wrote a neat little book on how to do that and published a bunch of scientific papers about it. Over 20,000 people follow my popular writings on algorithms at Quora. I have taught 20+ current or past Google employees and I have had many other students with comparable levels of success in the industry and in academia.

I have given many invited lectures on algorithm design and other parts of computer science. I would love to give more.

I have been involved in major international algorithmic competitions for the past 20 years. I have served multiple terms on the IOI Scientific Committee and authored many IOI tasks. I have been the main organizer of three CEOIs and almost 20 years of IPSC. I have served as an analyst during multiple ICPC World Finals.

I have a PhD in Computer Science on a topic that combined CS and statistics. I have published papers on algorithms. I sometimes work as a consultant with companies who have to deal with algorithmic problems.

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